Ageliki Petropoulou

My TV News Broadcasting Blog

About this site


If you’re a media maniac, passioned by broadcasting and intrigued with the paths of famous anchors and their techniques, then this is the right place to be. This blog is going to portray the others at first, because I want to know more about the people I see on Television, about their background and the way they got to where they are. I will then follow their path and create my own material which I plan to share with you, so that it will gradually becomes about me.

I will share pictures, videos, and any other material related to broadcasting that is worth seeing. I will show you good and bad examples of anchor scripts in different situations, live, studio, on location, because these are very different. It is very interesting to observe the way the speech is structured on location, and I think this tells a lot about the journalist. You’re going to like it !


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